Opportunities for Creatives

The New World of Opportunity for Creatives

We live in a vastly different world for creative types than we used to. The internet has changed everything. The opportunities for creatives/artists are really amazing and unlike anything, we’ve seen in the past. The thing that’s so different today is the level of independent artists have to create, promote and distribute their work to audiences around the world. Now with this independence comes more responsibility and sometimes more challenges, however, the ability to readily connect with people online and share your work is a complete game-changer.  Online connectivity has essentially removed a lot of middle-man between artists and fans. Think about Twitter, for example. In the past, if you wanted to communicate with a favorite celebrity, all you could do is write a letter that would most likely never even make it to them. Now people are able to actually instantly interact with their favorite artists on social media. For creatives trying to build a career out of their passions, this connectivity changes everything and offers many opportunities for creatives. Let’s look at a few creative career paths and how that have changed.


Ebooks have revolutionized the way Authors create and share their work. In the past, writers would mail off manuscripts to multiple publishers hoping against odds to get a positive response. The rejection was the norm usually in the form of a standard form letter that basically said thanks but no thanks. Writers would spend years trying and failing to get the attention of a publisher. Even after succeeding, writers would have to negotiate the rights to their own work and deal with companies requesting or demanding edits and rewrites. Today, many writers self-publish online, retain their ownership and creative control. Print-on-demand technology even allows Authors to produce and sell their work with no involvement from publishing houses.



Artists of all varieties thrive on the internet these days building massive audiences of followers through social media. E-commerce allows artists to make a living off of their work from their own homes. A variety of sites like Etsy, eBay, and even Amazon give artists a platform to sell their work. Others build their own websites and cut out third parties altogether. The world is open like never before for creative artists to share their gifts and maybe even make it into a fulfilling career.




Being a musician has always been one of those things that people talk down to you for like “When are you going to get a real job?” Of course, they don’t say this to Big-name celebrities. The image, however, of the young artist dreaming of being a famous musician and struggling to get by is something we are all familiar with. Much like the writer we discussed earlier, musicians would send in demos to record companies and anyone that might help them get their foot in the door. It was a hard road that rarely led to success. Today, it’s a different world. Musicians of the past hoped to be discovered and “just knew” that if the people could hear them, they would make it big. Now, if you want to get your music to the people, all you need is a youtube account. It’s not a guaranteed record deal, but it’s amazing that in today’s world, a musician can share their music with the world instead of waiting to be discovered.




The film industry is a complex creature. There are many moving parts and it’s extremely hard to break into in any capacity, and yet there are opportunities for creatives today that are game-changing. Independent filmmakers are producing their own work that rivals big-screen productions thanks to modern technology. Streaming services have changed the way people watch TV and film. Streaming services offer a ton of original content, but again, it can be tricky to get into. That’s where the next step in creative evolution comes in. Catlly gives Filmmakers a platform to share their work with people around the world while maintaining full creative control and ownership.

Are you a creative artist? Filmmaker? Don’t wait around or make excuses for why you can’t make it. Now is your time and you have all the resources you need to succeed!